Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Cowichan Part 2

MMMmm Strawberries, but not so good bum rash!

Sand for lunch, seemed to be a big hit :)

A weekend at the Lake

First weekend up at Cowichan. Nanny and Grandpa Parker have a cabin on Cowichan Lake that we love be at. We try to go as mucha s we can. This was the first year that Kalina was able to walk and eat sand! MMmmm......

Summer Time

Outside time! Finally!

Kalina playing in her water table outside on the deck!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kalina's First Birthday

I can't believe my baby is one! She is 22 pounds as of March 13, and 32 inches long, oh my! She is in the 95th percentile for height, of course! She has 6 teeth, 2 lower and 4 upper. She is able to WALK on her own, no hands, anywhere is a room. She talks more and more each day. Her new thing is growling like a lion and nahing like a horse. She loves to read books and watch Dora the Explorer on Treehouse.
Thanks to everyone who helped out at Kalina's party, and for the wonderful year. Many, many more to come :)

A day at Beacon Hill Park

We headed out to Beacon Hill park for tourist in your own home town weekend. Kalina was not quite sure of the baby goats, but enjoyed going to the park. Thanks to Lisa and Ian for joining us on the fun day!

Firefighter Parker

This was Kalina's birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy. Of course she got it early! She really enjoys pressing the siren. So cute!

Happy Valentine's Day

Nanny made us a Chocolate heart brownie! MMmm it was sooo tasty, as you can see. Kalina got some flowers from Daddy, what a lucky girl.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kalina riding her Quad

Mom Mom and Kalina

She is getting so big!!! Not my little 7 pound baby anymore *Pout.*
This is Kalina's new way to smile for the camera. You say cheese, and the flash comes on and this is what all my pictures have been looking like! Too cute.

Naked reading time!

This is our nightly activity! Kalina gets naked and plays with her toys. She loves it! Tonight we were reading her book and it was so darn cute! I had to share it with everyone!


This was Kalina's second time in the bath with bubbles! She loves squishing them in her hand. She also loves putting them in her mouth, Yucky!Clap, Clap, Clap!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picture Time!

Kalina is almost 11 months old!! Time has flown by. She has 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 lower. Almost walking, not brave enough to let go of the furniture yet. Keeping Karl and I on our toes, that is for sure! She is able to say, kitty, fish, bad, dada, mom mom, and nana. She is so cute when she is babbling to herself or to us! Her favorite thing to do is to read. She can sit with a book for about 15 mins jsut looking at the pictures. She points to the pictures, and it usually follows a growl!

My Quad

Kalina has mastered riding her quad that Nana and Papa gave her for Christmas! She can press the button that controls the movement. She rarely sits, mostly stands while riding!

Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning! Kalina woke up at 8am and Karl, Kalina and I opened stockings and our gifts. Then all the family came at 11 to join in on our fun! Kalina got spoiled as can be. Just to name a few things, a battery operated quad, a dolly, blocks, toybox, books, clothes, stuffed animals, slippers, pj's, music set, and much, much more. Thanks everyone who joined our christmas morning!

Christmas Eve

Kalina opened up a music set from Santa on Christmas Eve. It came with bells, shakers and a drum! She went to bed extra early to get ready for the big day!