Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mum Mum Cookies

Kalina's first bite of a Mum Mum cookie. They are a cookie that disolves in her mouth as soon as she starts to suck on it. She has had a couple of big chunks go into her mouth, scary, but I'm ok and so is she! She seems to really enjoy them!

Best Friends!

Kalina and Liam are such good friends already. They are becoming equal with their development, so they can actually play together now. Kalina use to lay their while Liam played around her. It is so nice to see a new friendship blooming!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


This was soooo funny! Daddy gave her a dorito, and she LOVED it... Look at her cute face!!!

My First Dorito!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bedtime Story!

Daddy was out of town so Papa came over to read Kalina her bedtime book. Thanks Papa!!

Kalina talking to Nana

Kalina Giggling!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Butchart Gardens

Tonight was so fun with the girls. We headed down to Butchart Gardens and stayed all night. We took a tour through every garden and took some amazing pictures. Kalina had so much fun smelling and looking at all the pretty flowers. Thanks to the wonderful ladies for joining us tonight! Hugs!

The beach again!

We have been living at the beach lately with all this heat. Today we went with our friends Jen and Hayden. Hayden is 9 months old and likes to play with Kalina. They were sooo cute at the beach today. It was Haydens first time going. He enjoyed eating the sand, which I am sure will come for Kalina. Thanks Jen and Hayden for the fun time!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

4 Months Old.... Already?

Well, Kalina is now 4 months old! Oh my how time has gone by so fast. I remember the day I went into the hospital to get induced. I was so scared, but excited that I was going to finally meet my little girl, my daughter. And now 4 months later, I can't believe I have this wonderful little girl in my life. Kalina wakes up beside me every morning, and when I look over I almost tear up looking at her gorgeous smile. Motherhood is the best feeling a woman could ever ask for.

She came out of the hospital weighing only 7 pounds and now she is almost 14 pounds. She measured a long 69cm yesterday at our doctors appointment. Very tall for her age Dr. says.

What Kalina can do at 4 months!
  • Roll onto her side. ALMOST a full roll over but not quite yet.
  • Grabbing onto everything, including momma's soup bowl that ended up on the floor.
  • Sleeping through the night. 9:00 - 10:00 am with one feed around 7ish
  • Eating oatmeal every couple of days.
  • Giggling more and more each day.
  • Making strange with people. Even Daddy, Nana and Papa, don't worry it will pass!
  • Discovering her own body parts, including her head.
  • Bathing like a big girl in the big tub.
  • Amusing herself when left alone. (I'm still there don't worry)

Thanks to everyone who is in Kalina's life. Each of you are helping my child grow, learn and love.

Thank- you

Melissa, Karl, Kalina and Tallie

Too Hot!

Wow! 38 degrees in Victoria, Ouch! My poor baby girl. This was the only way to keep her cool. I kept soaking her in the bath tub filled with cold water and taking her in the sprinkler. But, the cold cloth on her head seemed to work best! Your welcome!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Kalina found her hair!

Aren't I cute?

A photo shoot with Mommy....


Time with my Grandpa

Smile Grandpa!! Kalina and her Grandpa Parker were relaxing up at the lake! Grandpa was making Kalina laugh at her new toy.

Swinging with my Nanny

Kalina was at the Honeymoon Bay park with her Nanny swinging in the swing. This swing was a little too big for her and the wind was blowing her breath away. Kalina had tons of fun though! And, on our way back to camping we saw an 8 week old kitten! He was so cute!

Driving in my car!

Kalina is driving her first car. She is making Daddy proud!! We stopped at Duncan walmart before we went up to Cowichan to get some last minute things and mommy could not pass up this cute little car. She hasn't been in the water with it yet just on the porch.

Playing at the Beach

Kalina, myself and a couple of friends headed to the beach. I bought Kalina a sun tent and it works great! She plays in her tent while mommy tans!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Karl got a new patio fireplace from my mom and this was the first time we used it. It was nice and toasty! We roasted marshmellows for our smores! Yummy! Kalina had to be bundled up in her bear blanket, it was a wee bit chilly out!

Canada Day/Karls Birthday

Kalina with her Papa in her Canada Day gear!
This is Cowboy Karl!
Aunty Janine and Kalina waving their flag.
Uncle Kris and Kalina
I threw Karl a birthday bash at our house. He turned 29 on July 1st. We had family and friends to attend our BBQ, then we all headed downtown to see the fireworks.