Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa? Or Daddy?

Karl was such a sweet guy to volunteer to be Santa for the children's party. He did such a wonderful job entertaining the kids. Maybe he'll do it again next year!

Paper, Paper Everywhere!

We attended Metchosin Firehall's children party and there was snow paper everywhere. Kalina loved crawling in it. Mommy had to keep a close eye none of that snow went in her mouth!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Santa?

We were invited to Grandpa Parkers Dental association childrens party. Kalina was opening a gift from Nanny Parker. It was an ornament for our christmas tree! Thank you!

This is my bed! Get out!

Look who I found in Kalina's crib! I guess she was keeping Kalina's feet warm!

Time for Santa!

This was Kalina's very first time meeting Santa. There was a Santa Parade at Canwest Mall. She also got to meet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Shrek!
Kalina loved hearing the music that was playing. She was a little timid of Santa, I wouldn't blame her!


Hey, I'm Kalina from the Woods!

Mommy's Little Helper

When I start doing the dishes, Kalina is right there wanting to help. She pulls herself all the way up in order to grab the dishes!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hair Time

This was such a cute photo op! Daddy was doing Kalinas hair after her bath. As you can see, Kalina likes to take the brush out of our hands and suck on it. Her hair is almost long enough for a bow!

Halloween 2007

Kalinas first Halloween. She was my pretty flower. Karl and I grew her ourselves. Our secret: A little love, caring environment and lots of giggles. I hosted a baby halloween party at my house in the morning. I had an attendence of 15 moms with their babies. Very busy morning. Then after dinner, we headed down to Metchosin Fire Hall and watched the bon fire and fire works. We entered Kalina in the costume contest, she recieved a ribbon for being a participant. Yay Kalina!

More Skating

Kalina loves to go in circles on the ice. She is so bundled up that she can barely move! We usually go every week, so daddy can practice for hockey!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bath Time

Kalina now prefers to sit while she is having a bath. If I lay her down, she rolls over and gets a face full of water.

Kalina just finished her first session of swimming lessons. The teacher commented that she is a good "bobber." Karl and I are able to dunk her under the water and she kicks her feet to return to the surface.

Got Yogurt?

Kalina loves Yogurt! I give her organic baby yogurt with apples and pears. She will eat the whole serving if I let her. She is eating 3 times a day now with about 3-4 bottles of formula. I am trying to introduce many different foods so she doesn't grow up to be a picky eater like her daddy!

7 months!

Wow, time has flown by!
My little princess is such a big girl now. Kalina is able to roll, sit, almost crawl, she babbles AND she has 2 teeth. Kalina now weighs 18 pounds and almost 30 inches tall.
Momma Loves You!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Good-Bye Uncle Kris!

Last night with Uncle Kris as he leaves for Toronto!

Going to Hockey!

Can you take me with you Daddy? I can play too!

My Uncle Kris

Up way past my bedtime playing with Uncle Kris!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

6 months!!!! Already?

Time has gone by so fast. Kalina is now 6 months old and doing everything she should be doing. She is now 17.2 pounds and 28 inches long. The doctor says she is VERY long for her age and weight.

What Kalina can do now!
  • Sit all by herself
  • roll around the living room (almost time for a gate!)
  • Starting to lift her bum in the air (Sign to start crawling)
  • Cooing, able to say certain sounds (Wow,Whoa)
  • Blowing raspberries/spitting (Embarrassing at the restaurant!)
  • Gives kisses
  • Good attachment with Mommy and Daddy
  • Can eat her feet! lol
  • Sitting up in the bathtub
  • Sleeping through the night (7:30pm-7:30am)
  • Eating solids (Egg, strawberries, peas, chicken, etc.)
  • Teething, bottom front is almost up

Thanks again to everyone in Kalina's life. You all mean so much to us and we are very lucky to have wonderful, supportive friends and family. *Hugs*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Veggies and Strawberries

Shopping at Walmart

Swimming Lessons!!

Playing with momma


Photo Shoot

Another Photo Shoot!
Kalina 5.3 months

Sitting at 5.2 months!

YAY! Kalina is now sitting by herself. She is able to balance herself, but sometimes falls backwards. She can play so much better sitting up... Big girl!

Saanich Fair

We went to the Saanichton Fair with Kalina and she had so much fun! She got to see some donkeys and play some games with daddy. There wasn't any small rides for Kalina to go on, so maybe next year!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A day at Galey Farms

We had so much fun at Galey Farms. Kalina and I took a train ride around the farms and saw where everything was grown. We also saw where the famous pumpkins are grown. Then we went through the Corn Maze to find clues for a contest. Kalina's friend Ayla was leading the way through the maze! What fun!!

Cookie Mess

Look what happens while eating a cookie!


Aww! Don't you just want one? My friends cat gave birth to 5 kittens. This pic the kitten was only 2 days old! Kalina just wanted to put the poor thing in her mouth!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me and Tallie

Awww, aren't they cute? They are becoming really good friends. When Kalina first came home from the hospital Tallie was not quite sure what this thing was. Now, Tallie is starting to warm upto Kalina. My two favorite girls!