Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hair Time

This was such a cute photo op! Daddy was doing Kalinas hair after her bath. As you can see, Kalina likes to take the brush out of our hands and suck on it. Her hair is almost long enough for a bow!

Halloween 2007

Kalinas first Halloween. She was my pretty flower. Karl and I grew her ourselves. Our secret: A little love, caring environment and lots of giggles. I hosted a baby halloween party at my house in the morning. I had an attendence of 15 moms with their babies. Very busy morning. Then after dinner, we headed down to Metchosin Fire Hall and watched the bon fire and fire works. We entered Kalina in the costume contest, she recieved a ribbon for being a participant. Yay Kalina!

More Skating

Kalina loves to go in circles on the ice. She is so bundled up that she can barely move! We usually go every week, so daddy can practice for hockey!