Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Picnic with Mommy and 11 Weeks!

Here is Kalina again in her cool shades. It was so beautiful out that we decided to have a mommy and baby picnic. Kalina had her bottle and mommy had some crackers. Kalina LOVES being outside. When she is outside most of the day she sleeps even longer. What more could I ask? It was 21 degrees outside, so we stayed mostly in the shade. Kalina saw her first deer walk across daddys newly seeded lawn. Shhh don't tell Karl that we didn't shooo the deer away.

My Puppets

I was playing puppets with Kalina and I decided to put them on her feet! First they were on her hands which was so funny, but they looked cuter as socks! Karl leaves the room for a few seconds and look what I've done! Uncle Ty was there to take the cute photos. Kalina didn't seem to mind!


Hehe, what a face. I was trying to catch her smiling but I guess she didn't want to. This is a keeper!

My Bubba

Mmmm Milk! Kalina was at the table with mommy and daddy having dinner, and someone fell asleep! I don't think it was daddy! She still eats every 3 hours and she drinks about 5oz now.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Smiles and 10 weeks old!

Well, look how time flies! Already 10 weeks old and smiling up a storm! Her little smile just melts my heart. She is just starting to make cooing noises when she is smiling. She hasn't discovered her laughing voice yet. She is almost 12 pounds. What happened to my little 7 pound baby? Time flies, I know, I know cherish EVERY moment. I sure am!!!!!!

A day in the sunshine!

Kalina and I went to Gyro Park for the afternoon with our Haute Momma baby group. There were about 15 moms and babies at the park all sitting around talking about mommy things. We had blankets and toys for the little ones to play with, but mine decided to relax in the sun! I wouldn't blame her!

Me and my bear blanket

Her daddy loves her! This was right before bath time she was snuggled up in her blanket on the couch. Daddy and her were watching tv together. I was upstairs getting the bath ready. This cute blanket was a gift from Karls friend on the Fire Dept.

My Exersaucer!

The first time I put her in her exersaucer she LOVED it! She was a little scared of the monkey that was looking at her, but overall she enjoyed it! What a handy little thing to have around the house. It has many different toys on there so she can choose what she wants to play with. The seat also turns around and bounces! A special thanks to the cousins for this wonderful life saving gift!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dinner at Liams house

I can't believe she has grown up so fast. She is already holding up her little head for the Jolly Jumper. Her friend Liam was kind enough to lend his Jolly Jumper out for Kalina to try. So that night we came home and set up her very own. She loves swirling around on her tippy toes.
The picture of her in the blue thing is called a Bumbo. It helps babies sit up and develop their neck muscles. She is not quite sure what to make of it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hip Chick and 8 Weeks Old

"Now why did mommy buy me these silly looking things?" Sun protection all the way! Kalina is going to be one hip chick on the beach with her cool shades. Daddy thinks there silly!
She is 8 weeks old! Hurray! She weighed 10 pounds 8 oz as of May 1, 2007.

Big Girl

A day in her big girl stroller! Kalina was helping mommy weed her planters on the deck. A bit breezy this day but she loved sitting like a big girl. The stroller harness was still a little too big for her but we were not going that far. At this point she was holding up her head a lot better then previous weeks. Kalina discovered how to put her blanket in her mouth and suck on it.

Naked time!

7 weeks old already and almost 10 pounds! Oh my... She was doing a little photo shoot with mommy just before bath time. She loves posing for the camera. Smile baby girl!

A day at the beach with Mommy

What a beautiful day this was. This was Kalina's second time at the lagoon. The tide was out and the sun was shining. Kalina loves being outside and in her Bjorn!


"Look at me I'm grabbing!!!" This was a huge day for me. She started to grab things that I would put in her hand and hold onto them for a few seconds. Now she is starting to grab things on her own. When she is down on her floor mat she reaches up and grabs onto her linkydoos. The new thing is to grab her blanket or her bib and suck on it. Teething? or Hungry?

Floor time with Daddy!

Kalina loves being on the floor, especially on her tummy. Nanny Parker made her cute fishy floor blanket for her to roll around on. Everytime I put her on the floor she kicks her legs and tries to scoot across the blanket. I tell ya, she is going to be crawling in no time. Watch out Tallie!

3 Weeks Old

Look I am 3 weeks old! Still in newborn clothes and weighing 8 pounds! Aunty Debbie gave me my cute bunny hat! Don't I look like daddy?

First Bath

Daddy and Kalina's first bath! Wow daddy looks like a pro! The nurse was giving us a little lesson on how to bath our little bambina. Kalina loved being in the water. She layed there looking bright eyed at her daddy while daddy was washing her. She never cried in the bath, she only gets a little fussy when she is out!

Her Birth

My little baby girl! Born March 13, 2007 at 6:08 pm. I had got induced at 12:30pm of the 13th and started pushing about 3 hours later. I pushed for 2 and a bit hours and FINALLY she made her entrance into our world. I can't describe the emotion Karl and I felt when we first saw her little face. She weighed 7 pounds 3 oz and was 19 inches long. She didn't cry at all while we were in the hospital. I thought she might have been broken! Still to this day she does not cry. It is more of a pout :( We stayed 4 days in the hospital to try and master the art of breastfeeding. Unfortunately she did not master this art and she chose the bottle. She was feeding every 2-3 hours and sleeping ALL the time.