Monday, June 25, 2007

Kalina eating Oatmeal! June 25/07

Oatmeal, Yum Yum!

What a mess! This is Kalinas first time eating oatmeal (or pablem). She had about 1 tbsp of oatmeal mixed with formula. The night before this, I let her taste some cool-whip and she screamed like she wanted more! So poor little Kalina was upset. So the next day mommy went to the store and picked up some starter food. What a hungry little girl, she ate every last drop. After I fed her a bottle to wash down the oatmeal.


You guys must think that Kalina is ALWAYS sleeping.. No not always. I just like taking pictures of her in such peace! Isn't she cute?

Dinner with the Teschkes

Kalina and Liam on the floor playing with each other. It is sooo cute watching them play together. Liam is always swating Kalina in the face and Kalina is always grabbing Liam. I remember one of the first times we put them together on the floor, they were so little!
Do I see a little pant grab? Hmmm.. I'll have to have a talk with your mother Liam!

I thought you were playing?

Oh dear! I put Kalina down to play while I cleaned the never ending bottles, and look what happened? Mommys precious little angel! Good night!

3 months old!

Hurray! My baby girl is 3 months old!! Sleepy in her swing....

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! We went to clover pointe to fly kites with papa and daddy. Kalina sat in the car with Nana while mommy tried to fly a kite. Impossible! It was a tad bit windy outside, but perfect weather for kites!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kalina and Daddy swimming!

Swimming at Juan De Fuca, June 13/07

Happy 3 months Kalina!! We went swimming with Lisa, Liam, Daddy, Mommy and Kalina at Juan De Fuca. We got her changed in to her bikini in the change room and then off to the pool. Kalina LOVED being in the swimming pool. The pool was really warm so she probally thought it was the bath tub. Daddy was the first one to take her in, and not a peep out of her. Her buddy Liam also enjoyed swimming. He was showing off his back stroke! We went in the circle wave pool and we went round and round. I think this is going to be a weekly activity since she enjoyed it soooo much! Thanks Lisa and Liam for coming with us to the pool!

Kalina's first time at Juan De Fuca

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time on the Deck

This was a beautiful day for us to be outside. Daddy was working on the sprinkler system while Kalina and I were lounging in the sun. Kalina is able to turn herself half way in her exersaucer and she is able to touch some of the toys. What a big girl.... Kalina is now 3 months old!!!

Sleepy Head

Oh My! Kalina slept from 8:30pm to 10:15am!..... She woke up for a feeding at 6am then came back to bed with Momma. She has been sleeping like this for the past 2 weeks! Good Girl!

Friday, June 8, 2007

A walk at Beacon Hill

We went walking through Beacon Hill Park with a couple of friends. Everyone was looking at us with all our strollers. It was very cute! We parked them by the pond for a photo op. Don't worry we had the brakes on!

A daytrip to Saturna Island

Well here is my little angel fast asleep in her carseat. This is Kalina's first ferry ride! Hurray! Our good friends Lisa and Liam invited us to go over there for the day to look at some property. Liam is 3 weeks older than Kalina. They have so much fun together, for now! They are going to be 5 and saying, "Mom! Liam is touching me!" So cute! We were on the ferry at 9:00 and then headed back to Swartz Bay at 4:30. The day was packed with fun. Kalina had her first trip in her umbrella stroller. She is still to tiny for it, but she seemed to be ok! Thanks Lisa and Liam for the wonderful day!!! *Hugs*

Time with my Papa

Kalina and her Papa (my dad) playing together. Papa was on the floor making Kalina giggle while she was jumping.

Kalinas First Popsicle

Kalina in her Jolly Jumper

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cowichan part 2

The jetski! it was soooo much fun. I didn't fall off of it while it was moving. Trying to get on the darn thing from the water was another story! I also learned how to knee board. Only 10 tries before I got out of the water. Next time I will get up in 5 tries. The picture of the Jetski moving is my brother in-law Kris!

A weekend at Cowichan - June 2/07

What a fun weekend! It was 32 degrees all weekend long, just gorgeous! Kalina looked so cute in her bathing suit that Nanny bought her. I had to put cold cloths on her head to keep her cool.

Mommy's first time wearing a bathing suit herself! Yicks! Here I come Jazzersize!

Kalina loved her little pool. It was so hot outside, and as soon as we put her in it she smiled. Kalina of course slept through the night in the trailer. When we were on the boat and jetski, Kalina was with Nanny on the beach. We will be spending a lot of time at Cowichan this summer!